David Chorlton

I began my ISL journey in June 2022 working in the Crewecial Cafe. After a thoroughly insightful learning experience, I moved into Rapid Response. This role was challenging, highly rewarding and I grew tremendously as an individual from my experiences across multiple hospitals with many varied clients. My ISL journey continued further as a Support Worker at the Crewe Service. Working as a Support Worker allowed me to see significant progress with clients and I saw at a deeper level how the dots connected with the other services and sectors within ISL.

I am now very proud to use my knowledge and experience within various ISL sectors to enhance communications within services and communities in addition to working with the team to develop new opportunities. I have many years of experience in community development within the UK and internationally with the charity the Fondazione Cariello Corbino. I have also developed my own personal growth app with psychologists and doctors. I look forward to using this experience to further support the ISL team and future growth of mental health and well-being across communities.

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