Annual Plan 2019-2020

Looking back on 2018-2019

2018 has been a big and exciting year for ISL, achieving great things and bringing opportunities to life . . . Here are a few of the highlights from last year

  • We welcomed more new tenants into our Blackpool scheme and continue to achieve positive outcomes with the people we support, including paid employment
  • We have opened a new service in Bolton, providing an opportunity for people to be supported to live in their local area.
  • We have developed and launched our new Website
  • We have established and grown our social media presence
  • We have partnered with 3 Registered Social Landlords on new supported living projects
  • Building work has started on our new extra care scheme in Tranmere due to open 2019
  • We have successfully passed accreditation onto 14 Local Authority frameworks/purchasing systems
  • We have agreed two further schemes in Stoke and York
  • We have got several new schemes in the planning in other areas, we’ll keep you up to date with latest news through our website


The Future

Over the next 12 months there are a number of things we are working   towards to create new services, make our current ones better and create a future that is sustainable for the people we support.

To make sure we focus all our energy in the right direction we have built our plan around the key areas that are important to us.


What's important to us

To provide a quality of service which we would expect for our own family.

  • We will achieve a ‘Good’ CQC (Care Quality Commission) rating for all of our registered services
  • Where our services are not regulated by CQC we will achieve a ‘Good’ internal quality rating
  • We will implement electronic monitoring in all our services using ‘Access’
  • All our services will maximise Assistive Technology solutions
  • Quality will be a key theme and our strategic objectives on quality will be running as a golden thread through all staff supervisions and appraisals

Attract and develop the best people and the best teams.

  • We will bid for new business with existing staff and infrastructures to build on our current teams and bring in new skills and experiences
  • We will recruit volunteers to all our services
  • We will publish our recruitment and retention strategy, providing the foundations to enhance staff terms and conditions to a level more aligned with the sector
  • Where services are large enough we will create Team Leader and Senior Support workers posts to provide progression for existing staff and development opportunities.
  • We will include a personal objective in all staff members annual appraisals
  • Develop our services by involving our people, those we support and those around them.


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