Working with Invisible Creations® and PROCare

Written by: ISL

We are excited to be working in partnership with Invisible Creations® and PROCare to improve access to specialist aids and adaptations in supported living settings. Products which are ‘designed with dignity’.

Invisible Creations® and PROCare create products that are inclusive and aid mobility. Products that have dual-purpose, are discreet and that may be strategically placed around the home to support mobility, mitigate falls risks and make daily living easier.

We will be working together this year to incorporate some of these specialist products into ISL services which may support people with additional mobility needs. These products blend aesthetically into ordinary living environments without being obvious aids or adaptations.

Andy, Laura and Karen met recently over teams to explore some of the ways in which we plan to collaborate to improve access to specialist products and help future proof accommodation. See the video here


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