Kendal Supported Living Service Garden Transformation

Written by: ISL

🌿 Unveiling the transformed garden space at Kendal Supported Living Service! 🌿

We are thrilled to share the incredible news about the completion of the Garden space at Kendal Supported Living Service, a project that truly embodies the spirit of community collaboration and giving back.

This beautiful garden has been made possible by the Gateway Church who have generously organised the scheme Give a day to Kendal.

This scheme was made successful through the dedicated efforts and generous donations of several organisations and individuals, all coming together to make a positive impact on the lives of the Kendal community.

A heartfelt thank you to our remarkable volunteers and generous sponsors:

🌱 Gateway Church
🌱 Tyla Services Ltd
🌱 Octavius Infrastructure
🌱 Chevron Traffic Management
🌱 Tim Farron
🌱 Cllr. Shirley Evans
🌱 Hilldale Housing Association
🌱 kier construction Inc
🌱 Kendal Town Council
🌱 Travis Perkins Group News
🌱 B&Q
🌱 PaintWell Kendal
🌱 The Well Communities
🌱 Sunbelt Rentals UK & Ireland
🌱 All volunteers who helped out

Your contributions, whether through equipment, services, or time, have transformed a vision into reality. Together, you have created a haven for the senses, a place where nature intertwines with the senses to provide a therapeutic and calming environment for the individuals at Kendal Supported Living Service.

This garden is more than just plants, vegetables and pathways; it’s a symbol of community partnership.

Everyone is looking forward to cultivating the new garden and enjoying some home grown produce.

Thank you once again to everyone involved in this project. Your kindness and generosity have created a lasting legacy that will continue to benefit the clients at Kendal Supported Living service for years to come.


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