ISL is 5 today!

Written by: ISL

What an incredible 5 year journey so far, starting back in 2017 with a team of 2 opening our first service to now supporting over 140 people with a staff team of over 200.

We would not be where we are today without our fantastic teams, clients and wider partners, thank you everyone for your ongoing support especially during such a challenging period.

The ISL family continues to grow, with One ISL ‘better together’ underpinning our commitment to ISL’s future being created with and by our teams. It has been great to welcome front line staff onto our board this year, with clients also joining the board in summer. We look forward to welcoming more new team members to ISL, with 3 new services opening in the next 3 months providing support to vulnerable people and creating local employment in those areas. The expansion of the ISL family has included clients becoming colleagues through our Check Mates programme, which creates paid employment opportunities for clients who support us with our quality assurance processes.

This year we have developed several new service models with NHS partners alongside our supported living offers. We look forward to working with partners this year to create new ways to reach out to people who may need support.

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