ISL 3rd birthday, we wish you all well.

Written by: ISL

3 years ago today ISL sat down with a blank piece of paper and started to build an organisation that would be innovative, quality led, values based and challenge the “we have always done it that way” thinking.

It all began with building the foundations, our policy and procedural frameworks, achieving CQC registration and then applying to Local Authorities for approved provider status using our experience as individuals in a new organisation. We built partnerships with housing partners who shared our values and wanted to work with us on developing innovative supported living services. We met with prospective clients and their supporters who were looking for a provider who could deliver bespoke person centred support. The people we met liked our approach and chose us as the right provider for them.

On our 3rd birthday we now have Mental Health and Learning Disability services open and delivering great things! We have provided bespoke packages to help many clients leave hospital after many years. We have supported people who have gained paid employment and others who are starting university later this year.

In 2020 we will open service 8 with several more planned for 2021. We will always continue to keep that focus on keeping it personal, challenge where we need to, be responsive, think differently and provide choices and not options wherever possible. Our passion for what we do will not allow anything else.

Many thanks to our clients, carers, staff members and all of those people and organisations that have helped us on this incredible and exciting journey.

The last few weeks during COVID19 has been one of the greatest challenges the country and the sector have experienced. Our staff have done an amazing job and done inspiring work with the people we support and their carers, who have also been truly inspiring

We are all in this one together and the feeling of community spirit and support from commissioners and regulators has been greatly appreciated.

We wish everyone well, if there is anything we might be able to do to support others please get in touch.

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