COVID-19 January Update

Written by: ISL

We enter 2021 with recent changes placing large parts of the country in Tier 4 restrictions.

Thank you to all of our teams for your commitment in delivering excellent support during such a challenging year. Thank you also to our wider partners who have worked closely with us to ensure people receive a range of essential services.

New guidance has been issued to services reflecting the most recent changes to Tiers.

We know how difficult social isolation is for the people we support, however for those services moving into tier 4 we have no choice but to close communal spaces. We must do this to protect our workforce and the vulnerable people we support in the areas where rates of infection are still rapidly rising.

There will also be a no visitor policy in place again for these services with the exception of essential services. In addition:

  • We have reviewed our Business Continuity and wider guidance in line with the relevant recommendations in the policy paper: Adult Social Care: our COVID-19 winter plan 2020 – 21
  • We continue to maintain COVID secure practices within our services and support individuals to manage personal challenges and keep safe and well and work closely with families and professionals in this regard
  • We have maintained supply chains to ensure PPE continues to be widely available for all staff appropriate to role and task, in line with government advice
  • Staff not involved in direct service delivery working from home & utilising remote meeting applications wherever possible
  • In the few cases where anyone we support or a staff member has had a positive COVID 19 test they have been supported to take all appropriate actions in line with national guidance and legislation
  • Business Continuity Plans and Risk Assessments continue to be reviewed regularly and are updated as advice changes, including relevant recommendations from the policy paper: Adult Social Care: our COVID 19 winter plan 2020-21. The Board continue review these weekly via conference call
  • We continue to maintain social distancing practices within services, ensuring that everyone is receiving the right support
  • Staffing levels required to support clients have been maintained throughout the pandemic
  • Contingencies remain in place for all eventualities to ensure service delivery
  • Clients are supported with required information & guidance, including easy read /individually formatted information where this is needed
  • We are continuing close liaison with local authorities, regulators and landlords

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