Coach Sean’s New YouTube Channel

Written by: ISL

Coach Sean in partnership with ISL are proud to launch Coach Sean’s new YouTube channel that goes live today.

This new channel is aimed at making exercise accessible and enjoyable for people with varied needs, abilities and goals. Coach Sean first joined the ISL team during the pandemic to support clients and colleagues with health and wellbeing, address some of the lockdown and isolation risks and create innovative ways of helping people stay active. This included tailored 1:1 programmes as well as being a valuable source of advice and support of everyone at ISL.

Coach Sean in partnership with others has developed a series of video based exercise programmes which will help combat sedentary lifestyles, support wellbeing and overall be enjoyable. These have been tailored to meet different needs and with the aim of creating maximum benefit for everyone taking part. Though the new channel Coach Sean is able to increase reach and impact beyond ISL and provide a resource to others who may benefit from advice and support around fitness and wellbeing. Huge thanks to Chris, Mark and Rachel and the team at Aready for helping create the first video series.

Going forward Coach Sean will develop further programmes of tailored fitness and wellbeing initiatives sessions which will include group exercise in services, fitness days out on the beach and other outdoor locations and a range of other tailored programmes that will be developed with input from clients and colleagues.

The first 3 videos will be released today on YouTube with several more dropping in over the next few weeks. We encourage you to take part to help Coach Sean reach more people, please like and subscribe to the channel and share your experiences in the comments. Link to the new channel below.




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