My name is Matt.

I moved into ISL’s service in at the end of February 2020.

I moved from a shared care scheme in Liverpool which did not suit me or my needs, and was too far away from my Mum and family . I am so much happier now.

I have a learning disability and use a wheel chair and am also blind, so I need quite a lot of help from staff everyday who are always happy to help me.

When I first moved in my Mum was here regularly to help me settle in. Then because of Covid 19, my close contact with Mum and my family stopped all of a sudden, but because of the help and support of all the staff here I am feeling happy and secure and coping well.

Recently I have had great opportunity to socialise with other people who live at the service who would normally be out and about during the day. We all spend a few hours together outside in the gardens, but we have to be a few meters apart now, but it has given me the chance to get to know everyone’s voices better, and to be with all the staff together at the same time. This is helping me enormously.

I speak to Mum on the phone regularly so she can catch up with all my news, staff are very supportive with this and Mum and I are very grateful.

I am looking forward to all the opportunities offered to me in the future with ISL.

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