Hello, I’m Ed from the York Service. I really enjoy the many days out and events we plan at Portland Street. We do a wide variety of trips and events we host in our communal garden.  Some trips we have done in the past include trips to the seaside in Scarborough, a trip to Flamingo land and even trips to the Askham Bryan Wildlife Park.  I throughly enjoy all the trips we take part in and events we hold, we usually also have cake bake-offs in our garden and sometimes a social BBQ or tea party.

I am currently involved in setting up and organising the garden tea party we are holding for the jubilee next weekend, which was my original idea and I had suggested to some staff. It is brilliant how then staff help service users like me to jointly organise the trip/event and things we may need to do for the trips.  The staff help plan and sort finer details out of any trip and event happening.

I really enjoy socialising and having a good time which is why I love going on trips and also helping to plan ideas as I like to get us all out for a few hours and talking and having fun.  I have made great friends at the York service and have become good friends with an outreach client  and we sometimes play snooker together.


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