Spring to Summer 2024 Service Roundup

Written by: ISL

Transitioning from Spring to Summer ISL clients and staff  have been planting flowers, vegetables and preparing their service gardens for the summer ahead. There have been charity family fun days and a charity hike raising some fantastic funds for our local charity partners and bringing clients together for a common purpose. Many more charity days, health & fitness challenges and summer events are setup for the next couple of months too! A particular highlight from May was client JC (blog cover photo) singing and playing guitar at a gig and also travelling to perform at the Crewe charity day.

ISL Services Roundup

Alsager Supported Living Service:

Staff and clients enjoyed a Eurovision party with singing and delicious snacks in May. A local wise and feathery visitor came to see clients in Alsager on a sunny day. Clients really enjoyed learning more about Owls and found the session therapeutic. Alsager client DW also enjoyed a professional film day with ISL staff for our upcoming client diaries.

Blackpool Supported Living Service:

Clients at Blackpool have been having fun at the Blackpool Museum and getting into the creative spirit! Clients and staff have been working together on their garden and painting their garden fence. This has been great for a common purpose and exercise.

Bolton Supported Living Service:

Monika moves dance classes and local health & wellbeing walks have been popular during May. Staff and clients partook in a charity walk at Rivington Pike. Read more about the Bolton Ramblers charity walk raising funds for local charity partner the Farnworth & Kearsley Foodbank here - Bolton Ramblers Charity Walk - Independence Support (isl-org.uk)

Crewe Supported Living Service:

The team at our Crewe service have been enjoying picnics and socials in the sun. They have also been working on the Coach Sean Couch to 5K challenge!(More to follow).

The Crewe team held a charity family fun day which the clients thoroughly enjoyed. Read more about our Crewe fun day for charity partner Chance Changing Lives - Crewe Charity Family Fun Day - Independence Support (isl-org.uk)

Kendal Supported Living Service:

Client HJ had a wonderful day at Morecombe, posing with the iconic Eric Morecombe statue. Staff and clients attended a talk event from Cumbria police on internet and phone safety.

Clients helped support the fun filled Kendal charity day and supported jumble stalls. Read more on the Kendal charity jumble sale raising funds for local charity partner the Community Hub, Gateway Church here - Kendal Charity Cakes and Jumble Sale - Independence Support (isl-org.uk)

Leeds Chapel Allerton Supported Living Service:

Chapel has developed green thumbs and has been growing our own herbs and flowers to promote cost effectiveness. We are looking forward to these flourishing in the summer months. Now the weather is uplifting we are promoting staying hydrated with some displays done in arts club. Now Chapel has had some outdoor renovation, our staff and clients are super excited to enjoy our spacious and scenic outdoor area. We hope to make use of this space with some outdoor games in the near future.

Leeds Halton Supported Living Service: 

Staff and clients have been working hard on the garden space ready for the summer. On the 14th June, there is a summer fun day raising funds for local charity partner, Equine Pathways UK. Clients from other Leeds services will also be joining Halton for upcoming England and Euros games. Clients have also been enjoying regular cooking and baking classes and have been keeping up with cycling since the charity event earlier this year.

Leeds Gildersome Supported Living Service:

Client JC performed as a warm up act for BBC singer James Hopes gig in Leeds! JC also came to the Crewe Family Fun Day to perform with staff. Client NC confidence has grown tremendously! She enjoyed dancing away at an Learning Disability Pop World world event with staff. The Gildersome team have also been working hard on their garden.

Leeds Pudsey Supported Living Service:

Staff and clients at Pudsey have been enjoying pottery sessions at the service. This has been a fun and rewarding way to build new skills and to further support clients with opening up to staff and rapport building. Breakfast club has also been very popular in May. Health and wellbeing sessions and walk and talks have also been in favour.

Macclesfield Supported Living Service: 

3 clients joined staff for the Shining Tor hike (highest hill in Cheshire); 25,000 combined steps between the group with lots of singing and laughter on the journey!

Coach Sean exercise video series has begun featuring a Macclesfield client- Coach Sean Client Workout Series - Independence Support (isl-org.uk)

Macclesfield clients also enjoyed a professional film day with ISL staff for our new in service virtual reality equipment and client stories.

Stoke-on-Trent Supported Living Service:

Local group walks and food social outings have been a big hit during May for the Stoke team and clients. Group exercise sessions, basketball, and football have been popular too! The team are also preparing for an upcoming charity event - more to follow on our news page.

Tranmere Supported Living Service:

Our ISL Tranmere Ramblers (Staff&Clients) will be taking part in the Wirral Coastal Walk 2024, Sunday 16th June to raise funds for local charity partner Stick 'n' Step. If you would like to support, please see our Just Giving page - Independence Support is fundraising for Stick 'N' Step (justgiving.com)

York Supported Living Service:

May has been an active month for our York service. We celebrated mental health week with a range of different activities on each day from baking fruity flapjacks to mindful colouring, board game sessions and leisurely strolls. Our staff VS Clients step challenge has continued with the clients currently in the lead on our second virtual lap of the services. May's client step champion, for the second month running, has an impressive total of 184,462 steps logged over the month of May!

Keep a look our for next months service roundup!

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