September ‘22 Health & Wellbeing Blog! How To Start Your Fitness Journey!

Written by: ISL

How To Start Your Fitness Journey!

Sometimes, the best way to start any fitness or weight loss journey, is to simply take-action and start. Not tomorrow, not Monday……but right here and right now!

“I don’t have the time to work out” – Sorry but this simply isn’t true and the most annoying of all excuses. All you need to spare each day is 20 minutes for a good workout. If you can stretch to a little longer then great, but fitting just 20 mins in is all you need to begin with. Check on your phone to see how long your screen-time has been each day for the last 7 days, and then tell me you don’t have time for a short workout to keep yourself healthy, sharp and in a strong mindset


"I have no motivation to workout” – Join the club! Even the elite athletes and Olympians you see aren’t motivated 100% of the time. Even they have to dig deep sometimes and say ‘hey, I don’t feel like training right now….but I’m going to anyway’!. If everybody relied solely on motivation, then not a lot would actually get done. It is discipline that gets things done! I had a guy at work say to me – ‘it’s ok for you, you can get up and train at 0600, you have to be a morning person to do that’. Again, this is absolute nonsense, it has nothing to do with being a ‘morning person’, the bed is comfy and I want to stay in it like everybody does…..I get up anyway and get to it! A great tip if you want to train in the morning is have all your clothes laid out perfectly the night before, it already affects your mindset into preparing and makes life so much easier first thing in the morning.


“I’m too tired to workout” – All I say to this is just try, just start walking or stretching a little, then progress into something more physically demanding, before you know it you have completed a workout and I bet you will feel great for doing so. Sometimes you end up having the best workouts when you didn’t really feel like starting. The feeling afterwards is immense and so uplifting. The feeling you will have if you thought about working out but didn’t, will negatively impact your mood.


TOP TIP - If I’m ever feeling tired or lethargic, I search on YouTube for ‘motivation’ or ‘training motivation’ or anything along those lines. This will offer you 100s of videos to choose from that are highly uplifting and get you raring to go. Another idea is to put your headphones on and listen to some upbeat music, a song that really gets you going, that may well just spring you into action!



‘My diet has been terrible so far this week, I will start eating healthy again on Monday’ – Fight this urge to procrastinate, a few days can lead into a week, a week into months and so on, I have seen this happen so many times. You will completely miss your goals with this mindset. One of the most common ways to hold back is the ‘New Year’s resolution’ mindset. Why does everyone wait until 1st January each year to make positive changes in their lives? It sounds ridiculous when you say it like this doesn’t it! Just look at the gyms out there, they all make most of their money in January, new memberships and sign-ups are sky high, all because we pick this random day to begin working out. The reason people do this is laziness and procrastination, this may sound harsh but it’s true, if you want to achieve anything in life, you have to act right here and right now.




I hope you gained some benefit from this blog and I look forward to engaging with you soon.


Coach Sean


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