Beyond The Canvas

Written by: ISL

ISL Client - Cathy

What do you like about living at ISL?

Staff here are amazing, they truly care and it is more than a job for the staff. We have a great laugh, even with the management which means a lot to me. Staff are always ready to support me and to listen to me.

When did your art journey begin?

I was in a long term relationship which ended and I then found myself in a refuge in Bolton. I started doing a bit of art work after this. I also started writing which helped me express myself. I struggled at this time to get my words out and to share my emotions with others. I then worked hard to get my level 1 in art and design and I also had an art mentor which really supported me. I went on to display my work in a gallery and to enter several competitions which gave me great pleasure.

How does art work/writing make you feel?

It makes me feel like a form of meditation. It helps me if I feel angry or have past negative flashbacks. When I do mindful drawing it helps me with my busy head and when I struggle with my mental health. I also knit and have made and donated knitted hats for premature babies with a local hospital which I love doing.

What are your hopes and goals for your art?

I have always wanted to do drawing/writing for children or a comedy book. I want somebody to buy this or at least to inspire others to take up artwork and to get creative.

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