Aeturnum Libertas - Mental Health Awareness

Written by: Toni-Marie

As I sit here poised to write about a subject as important as our Mental Health, I realise that it is a topic that almost demands to be written about with a heightened level of respect. My reasoning behind this thought process is this; in my opinion the mind when it is functioning at a level which would be considered to be normal. By this I mean when we have a strong sense of well-being regarding our mind. Particularly in relation to its emotional, psychological and social factors.

Then it is definitely the most powerful organ in the human body.

After all how many times do we tell ourselves negative things? To the point where we will utterly convince ourselves that they are true? Even though the facts behind the negative thought clearly outline a completely different story.

When our minds are fragile/broken we are unable to rationalise our own thoughts, feelings or emotions in the usual way.

Sadness is usually only a temporary emotion that in most cases has an identified cause; such as the ending of a relationship.

However, for a person whose mind is fragile/broken there is certainly no quick fix for sadness that turns into a severe form of depression. When considering Mental Depressive Disorder, or M.D.D it is more often than not a continuous state. The symptoms can manifest themselves in so many different ways. For example - Anxiety. Insomnia. Sleeping too much. Not bothering with personal hygiene. Loss of interest in the things that someone used to enjoy so much. People can experience these symptoms right across the whole spectrum at once.

And then if you add to that the likelihood of aggressive outbursts, self-harm, suicidal thoughts and the possibility of social factors such as addiction. There is no doubt in my mind that M.D.D. is horrendous for the person directly affected by it. Although in situations whereby there is a very supportive family also involved, I feel it is important to mention that the plight of a loved one can severely affect them too.

I am very self-aware and there was a time in my life between 2016/2018, when I was going through an extremely tough time myself. I can honestly say that I had never felt as low as I did during that time. I barely slept, I cried a lot and I wasn’t even sure how to help myself…

Then I finally had the courage to speak to my Mum and Dad…

From that moment on, and with their unconditional support, I began to slowly pick up the pieces and find practical ways to help myself to feel more in control. This was a very difficult process. As I firmly believe that my issues started regarding a particular situation that I had absolutely no control over in the first place.

However, please remember this: There is absolute POWER in admitting that you have a problem in the first place! So!

Talk to a family member, a friend, a social worker, an advocate, your doctor or anyone else that you trust.

Get the help you need.

Discuss ways in which you feel you can be helped.

Work towards setting small achievable goals together in an effort to move forward.

Commit to a programme of support that is reviewed regularly.

In the case of a continual M.D.D. Whereby a person is completely unresponsive. An on-going medication regime. As well as other invasive therapies are often the only way to help someone who isn’t able to recognise that they have an illness.

There is NO shame!

Only POWER  to be gained!

Ask the person sat next to you if they are okay?

If you yourself cannot help them. Then please take the time to suggest other sources of help.

Your Mind Matters!


Spotlight: Mental Health Awareness Week! 13th - 19th of May 2024.

Thank you for reading!

Aeturnum Libertas! (Meaning Forever Freedom!)

Warm Wishes.


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