Introducing Revitalise


ISL are excited to launch a new charity partnership with Revitalise.

Through this partnership we are hoping to help highlight the important work that Revitalise do, enabling more people to benefit from valued respite breaks and holidays. We are also using this platform to fundraise for Revitalise to support them to increase the reach and impact of their services to people who need them most.

About Revitalise

Revitalise is a national charity that has been creating respite holidays for disabled people and carers for over 55 years.

Revitalise currently run three holiday centres in Chigwell in Essex, Southampton and Southport.

Each year, the demand for fully accessible breaks grows. Imagine never having that warm holiday feeling or being unable to take some relaxing time away from the stresses of everyday life. This is so often the case for disabled people and carers across the UK, on top of having to manage the financial difficulties disability and care can bring. Revitalise currently provide nearly 5,000 breaks each year, but this number represents just 1% of those who would benefit from these services.

Revitalise centres support adults with a variety of different disabilities. Their revitalising breaks offer entertainment and new experiences backed up by 24-hour nurse led care and full accessibility, providing much needed reassurance for the guests they support.

How we will work together

  • Fundraising

    for the important work that Revitalise do, including invisibly accessible rooms and creating new holiday centres
  • Raising Awareness

    of Revitalise to ensure that as many people as possible can access much needed respite and short break opportunities
  • Sharing ideas and good practice

    by collaborating however we can to use our collective skills and experience to bring opportunities to life

ISL revitalise partnership

In line with our objective of bringing opportunities to life, we are working closely with Revitalise on their new Invisible Accessibility Project. This project aims to raise the bar for what accessible holidays can really look like, with beautiful but functional facilities becoming the new normal. We will support in any way we can and raise funds to support Revitalise to deliver state of the art, invisibly accessible bedrooms in the near future.

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