Sarah J Durham

I work with ISL as service manager at Leeds (Gildersome) supported living.

I’ve always wanted to work within the care sector from an early age. I started my career at a private care-home in 1998 while I first completed level 2 in health and social care. From then I have strived to be the best I can be, while never losing focus. The most important thing in social care are the people who I support.

Just when I was many years into my progress to make a difference within my chosen career path, I was involved in a life changing car crash. This had such a devastating effect on me to the point I became the person that had to rely on care and support to look after myself, and to be told that you will never be able to look after your own child was the motivation I needed to push myself back to full health.

I studied and completed level 3 advanced in health and social care, and restructured myself to get back to where I was before my set back, with the experience I’ve had being on both sides of how caring can affect people makes it very rewarding to know that you’re making a difference to vulnerable people’s lives. In my last position I was a registered Manager working with mental health and complex needs, I’m excited and looking forward to this new challenge in a brand-new supported living service within ISL. I look forward to building a strong professional team and making a difference in vulnerable people lives.

I am currently completing level 5 in management and leadership, I am also a moving and handling trainer.

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