Rosie Hodgson

I joined ISL as a support worker in late 2021 and I have since stepped up to Acting Service Manager. Support work has long been my passion, there is nothing better than seeing someone achieve a goal that they never thought they could and knowing that you helped get them there.

York service is a small supported living service for adults with autism and other wider needs. Everyone we work with is active in the community and keen to give most things a go. This paired with a close-knit team means each day is a pleasure. Being part of a successful process, building people’s confidence and independent living skills up to the point that they can then move out is super rewarding.

I have worked in Mental Health & Social care for a little over 13 years. In this time, I have gained several certificates in Disability services, a Bachelor of Arts and my level 5 in Management of Health & Social care. Previous to ISL, I worked as a support worker in Australia in a day service for Adults with various complex needs. Then, post emigrating to the UK, I worked my way up from support worker to service manager of 2 supported living services for people with Mental Health needs.

I love being part of an experienced team of support workers who all have the same common goal – to see everyone we support push themselves to do things they didn’t think they could. I am proud of working for ISL and I truly look forward to seeing it grow into bigger things.

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