I used to live in a house in Stoke, it wasn’t the right place for me and not enough support.

Since moving to ISL Supported living, I have felt safe, warm and well supported by the staff. The staff support me to go shopping, look after my flat and 1:1 support with someone to talk to when I need it. I feel settled here and am looking at getting sky fitted and purchasing a PS3 so I can play Fifa. Before moving to here, I had never had my own washer or done much cooking and shopping for myself. Before I moved into my flat I didn’t sleep in a proper bed for nearly two years and now it’s great to get a good night’s sleep where I feel safe.

There are a lot of things I want to do in the future. I would like to learn to drive and I would like to get a job again. I used to have a job in an abattoir. I would like the staff to support me to try new things.”


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