My name is Ben and I live at ISL's supported living service, I was the first person to move in during mid-February this year. I have a unique sense of humour and generally like to wind the staff up about anything and everything. Military History is one of my interests, re-enacting, as an extension is my main hobby.   Because of this the staff like to joke about my uniforms and I like to joke back with them, due to this my nickname is Sarge (Ben).

This is my first time living independently and the staff have helped me learn how to live on my own. I recently went to visit my parents in Cyprus, my dad said he is amazed about how much I have matured since they left in early February.

I am going to Staffordshire University, Stoke-on-Trent campus, in September to study BSc Sound Design and will be living in student accommodation. I am looking forward to going to Arizona for my 21st birthday next year and sending the staff here some photographs of my future adventures.

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